What is a muscle car?


There are so many individuals in the world that have shown their American pride by involving themselves in some way to American muscle cars. American muscle cars have forever been the most popular automobile, and no matter how hard those that cannot figure out the feeling of the individual behind the wheel of these American muscle cars, try to take away the freedom associated with the muscle car generation away, it won’t happen.

Racing is the first thing that comes to mind with muscle cars. No matter if the race was on a track or not. Some races when associated with muscle cars, were a mere testosterone battle. Otherwise the race of two or more muscle cars were to win the heart of a popular girl. Then there were a few females that had to show the boys with the fast toys, exactly what a muscle car was designed to do; win.

In the present day, muscle cars have become a hobby for the motor loving individual. There are shows that people from the muscle car group can gather and exchange stories that involve the exchange of stories involving the muscle cars, that are presently parked in a garage, and are mostly only driven on sunny Sunday afternoons. In most cases, these cars which are only driven on good weather days, are on their way to compete for the best looking, best kept, Classic muscle car.

The American muscle cars were a symbol of the competitive and ability to win, American pride. Some religions think pride is evil. However, pride has numerous interpretations. When American muscle cars were built based on the blue collar American worker, and the product bearing the sticker stating made in the U. S. A., any person would take pride in the finished product.

Chevrolet had many muscle cars also, and the sound was unique in toughness. The cars were camaros, corvettes, chevelles and the list goes on and on. Chevrolet may have been more popular because the cost of making these cars more powerful was less than the enhancement of an original ford muscle car.

The muscle car era has probably given us some of the most desirable and collectable cars in history. Even today, muscle cars can be seen and are still in high demand. They have a distinctive look with their wide profiles, sharp lines and plenty of chrome. Their looks are muscular and the V8 engines fast. Some of the cars that fit into this category include the Dodge Charger and the Pontiac GTO.

There is no better feeling of freedom in the world. When political leaders are attempting to limit these feelings from Americans, this is happening because these people have not had the opportunity to ever be free. Therefore, how is the typical American suppose to roll with changes from other cultures, when there is an invasion to completely separate the American Pride culture, and it is still America.

In the modern day, the stress levels of world problems are almost intolerable, because everyone talks and no one does anything to help the situations. When a person revs up a 1968 mustang GT500, everyone around stops talking and looks in the direction of that distinctive authority soun

Just remember no matter what type of car you have, you should keep it protected with a custom car cover when not in use.


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